Exercise Bike Review

When winter sets in, it's difficult to find opportunities to go biking. The same logic holds true if you don't have a bike to ride in the first place. If you want to continue your cardiovascular workouts during the off-season, or if you suffer from joint problems, consider getting a stationary bike. These devices allow you to warm up your leg muscles prior to physical activity, or even work as an endurance-building activity.

Exercise Bikes: What to Look For

Despite the simple purpose to a spinning bike, many different types and models of the device exist for cardio training. For example, some indoor bikes contain heart rate monitors and calorie counters for fitness and weight loss plans. These devices come with a wide range of features, from speed and resistance controls to varying resistance scenarios and other training programs. Consider the following factors when comparing spin bikes:

Workout equipment needs differ between users. The best indoor bike will provide multiple adjustment settings to give you the most comfortable experience while exercising. The seat and handlebars should easily adjust to your leg length and grip preferences.

Cardio training equipment like an upright exercise bike is something you'll be using for prolonged periods. When building endurance, you need a device that is comfortable enough to allow you to sit on it for the full duration of a workout. Knowing how comfortable the seat is while shopping online is a difficult thing to measure, but based on our reviews, you should be able to identify the bikes with the most comfortable seats.

The best part about stationary bikes is they can accurately simulate riding a bike outside with regard to resistance programs. The best exercise equipment will come with preset workout programs you can use to create varying resistances throughout a workout. This allows you to imitate a real outdoor bike ride complete with hills and slopes. Each program allows for a different level of cardio training, which can be perfectly accentuated with the addition of features like heart-rate monitors, giving you even greater control over your workout routines.

Stationary bikes are an excellent way to augment a workout with low-impact cardiovascular activity. Using a bike doesn't have the same painful effect as running on your joints, and it can give your body more of a workout. Whether you simply need something to tide you over during the winter months, or you need something to help in joint strengthening, a stationary bike will prove a worthwhile expense.

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